Precision ag for Somerset firm

Somerset-based, agricultural machinery firm, Tibbs Machinery Solutions has expanded their enterprise taking on new precision agriculture franchise, Garford Farm Machinery.

The family run company, which also provides specialist installations, machinery service and specialises in precision farming products say they are looking forward to expanding their product line.

Richard Tibbs, managing director said of the new venture, "It’s exciting to be adding British made Garford machinery to our business, increasing our focus on precision agriculture”.

Lincolnshire based, Garford Farm Machinery, manufacture precision technology for the agricultural sector, offering a range of weed control machinery solutions. Tibbs will be the first dealer in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire to offer their products.

Richard adds, "With the drive towards reduced use of chemicals and more efficient systems, we are proud to be able to provide progressive farmers with practical, affordable solutions to help their businesses evolve and be competitive".

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