Say further lawn & garden products to come

Segway, the manufacturer best known for their self-balancing transportation vehicles, this week announced their entry into the lawn & garden sector, with the launch of their first robotic mower, the Navimow.

In an online presentation, the company said that four models of the Navimow would be available in dealerships from Spring 2022, with the first shipments scheduled to leave their factories in December 2021.

Dennis Hardholt, president of Segway Europe said, "With cutting edge mobility and robotic technologies, Segway aims to bring innovations to the mower industry and the outdoor power equipment industry as a whole.

"This is the first time that Segway has entered into the field of garden and outdoor tools. However, our goal is not to be a tool manufacturer, but to provide users with more labour-saving and intelligent solutions through robotics. Technology is the way to achieve it while the product itself is at the core."

Introducing the product in some more detail, senior sales manager Ryan Kong explained that the robot navigates via what they called an Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) - a satellite controlled system that means that there is no need for a boundary wire installation.

"We understand that great technology should understand the way people live and deliver improved experiences to match," said Ryan.

"With this technology users will no longer need to worry about installation and maintenance. All they need to do is to set up a digital boundary - or in our words a virtual boundary." Ryan went on to demonstrate how this could be achieved via the use of the Navimow's app.

seqway navimow ryan kong sml

Ryan Kong during the online presentation

Further details about the robot's features were revealed after the presentation on a dedicated website that was launched for the product.

Addressing the question of cost for the mower, Ryan said there will be four models available from Spring 2022 for different sizes of lawn, ranging from €1,199 for the smallest, up to €2,499 for the largest.

Explaining that the product is now in beta testing, Ryan said, "Currently Navimow is close to mass production and we are ready to fill orders. The first batch of shipment will be sent December 2021. We pursue the perfect user experience and are doing numerous tests to improve the product."

Ryan ended the presentation by confirming that Segway intend to follow up this launch with further products for the OPE sector.

"Navimow is our first entry into the lawn care industry," he said, "but it will not be our last. We promise there will be more to come. Another robot will be soon to join our robotics family.

"Segway robotics will continue to invest in providing users with a more convenient life."

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