To be rolled out across their three turfcare branches

Reesink Turfcare say they have developed three new maintenance plans which will be rolled out over the coming weeks through its three turfcare branches in Scotland, South East and East Anglia.

According to the company, the plans - rated Gold, Silver and Bronze - are designed to reassure customers that there’s a range of maintenance plan to suit all needs.

David Jackman, operations manager at Reesink Turfcare, said, “As a distributor, we are focussed on the way we deal with customer support and achieving the best solution possible. Machinery maintenance is an absolute given; it’s a non-negotiable in terms of getting the best out of your machinery and we wanted to create a service that made sure customers have the option to safeguard their investment.”

In all three plans the cost is fixed for the period of the contract and there is the choice of monthly or quarterly payments. Only genuine Toro parts are used, disposal fees are included, and every machine gets a free annual health check. In all plans, all scheduled servicing is covered.

David continued, “When we talk to our customers regarding new machinery we are constantly asked for extended warranty programmes and guarantees, so we have developed the Gold Plan that covers all servicing work, breakdowns, replacement spare parts and acts like a warranty programme over the duration of the contract at a fixed price.”

The company say these plans further reinforce support for their commercial turf customers with high standards for servicing, repairs and warranty, and the spare parts supply process. Especially when placed alongside the back-up and support of Reesink’s service centres and network of Authorised Service and Dealer Locations, and initiatives such as the Service Level Agreement.

David says: “It means that buying Toro comes with buying into a support network like no other. The parts backup is second-to-none and as a Toro customer you are never more than a maximum 72-hours away from the part you need and minimum downtime and maximum productivity.”

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