At the Curling In Stirling Event this week

Alasdair Straker, BAGMA's Business Development Manager based in Scotland, had a special presentation made to him marking his retirement at the Association's annual Curling In Stirling event on Wednesday (Feb 14th) this week.


L-R: BAGMA Director Keith Christian makes the presentation to Alasdair Straker


Director of BAGMA Keith Christian made the presentation following the curling and said, "We wish Alasdair all the very best for his retirement and thank him for his many years of dedication to both BAGMA and bira. However, we are very pleased that Alasdair will still be supporting us in Scotland with our BAGMA events and shows that he has attended over the years. So we will continue to see him at our golf events, The Royal Highland Show and most of the Scottish shows throughout this year.


"All of us at BAGMA and bira wish Alasdair all the very best for his future and hope that his ‘warm down’ year will be as enjoyable and productive as his previous years with us."


Representives of BAGMA were joined by dealers, manufacturers and guests to enjoy the Curling In Stirling on Wednesday this week.


The winning team. L-R: Peter Arrand, BAGMA Vice President; Andy Stirrat Pro-Test; Khalid Rehman, Global Payments; Abigail Marsh, Safety Aide. With Dean Lowe of sponsors Safety Aide


The second placed team. L-R: Jimmy Glen, retired; Kate Robb, Faser C Robb; Duncan Murray-Clarke, Service Dealer


The best novice curler award was presented to BAGMA/bira's new representative in Scotland Janine Redford (right) by Miriam Byrne and Alasdair Straker


Service Dealer founder Chris Biddle sponsored the inaugural 'Falling Down Water' award which was presented to Alex McAllister (official BAGMA piper!) by Dave McQueen, senior Scottish Curling Champion


Editor of Service Dealer, Steve Gibbs, displaying his (utter lack of) skills on the ice

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