Including a 'drop & go' model which requires no installation

Magic Distribution, (a trade division of Mower Magic Ltd) the specialist robotic mower distributor in the UK, has secured an exclusive UK Distribution Agreement with Italian manufacturer Zucchetti Centro Sistemispa.


LR: Paolo Burali (Zucchetti) with John Hall (Magic Distribution)

Having specialised in the field of robotic mowers in the UK for over 10 years, Magic Distribution already distribute the Robomow range of products, and has become a well-known supplier of robotic mowers, supplying both the specialist trade and national retailers.The company says the new partnership allows Magic Distribution to add a second range of robotic mowers to its existing line-up, offering more choice to consumers and dealers alike.

Zucchetti manufacture robotic mowers under the Brand 'Ambrogio Robot'. Magic Distribution say Ambrogio is a well-known technology leader in robot mowers across Europe for over 18 years, with what they descibe as 'a unique wide range' of robotic models.

Interestingly, the range now includes a ‘Drop & Mow’ model that requires no installation and utilises a range of sensors to recognise where a lawn ends. The range also features a model for extremely large lawns of up to 7000sqm and steep slope models for up to 55% gradients. Ambrogio has sold over 220,000 Ambrogio robots across Europe to-date.

John Hall, Managing Director at Magic Distribution said, “Ambrogio Robot is truly at the cutting edge of autonomous technology and innovation, with very high build quality standards. This exciting new range complements our existing Robomow line up and fills many gaps in the rapidly growing Robotic Mower category. Securing exclusive distribution rights will allow us to grow closer ties with existing partners and engage with new customers with wider solutions not previously available in the UK Market.

"We remain committed to Robomow and believe, with the recent growth in the UK market, that there is plenty of room for an additional range of robotic mowers that offer something different to both dealers and consumers.

"Ambrogio has a strong focus on being European built; with every mower manufactured in Italy, 98% of the components being European manufactured, and a large percentage are Italian with German motors. Zucchetti even manufacture their own PCB`s (circuit boards) in a state-of-the-art facility, and use x-ray as part of the quality controls. Each robot is extensively tested by a technician off the assembly line to ensure everything works perfectly on arrival at its new home.”

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