Kubota machinery salesman at Atkins Farm Machinery

Kubota are celebrating Michael Keniry who has just retired from one of their leading dealerships in Ireland, Atkins Farm Machinery.

Michael worked at the dealership in Cork for 44 years, with 30 of those years selling Kubota machinery.

Michael began his journey as a sales representative at Atkins in 1976. At the time the dealership looked after 26 counties across Ireland for agricultural machinery. In 1980, Michael opened a new branch depot where he stayed until 1990 - at which point he specialised in machinery used to meet the requirements of the golf community.

When asked what advice he would give to other dealerships looking for longevity, Michael said, “Good advice and support is very important. We also provide excellent back up to our customers. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten - and this has always been our motto at Atkins.

“The Kubota sales management team in Ireland have also been very good. We’ve found them to be helpful and supportive and this is important. If you’re looking for advice or for help or support, they will be there for every step of the way. They will come out to meet the customer and really go the extra mile to ensure both Atkins and the customer have everything they need, including being able to give competitive pricing, which in turn, has helped us retain customers. This has made all the difference.”

Looking back at his career highlights, Michael reminisces back to 2005. “It was the first time we sold over 100 machines and we threw a big party to celebrate this. Every year since we have been selling over 100 machines a year”.

Michael’s commitment to the trade also won him a trip to Japan, one of his greatest career moments. “Kubota gave us targets and if you met them, you’d win a trip - which was always fantastic. It helped us feel motivated and rewarded for the hard work we’ve been doing.”

The trips also provided an opportunity for Michael to meet other dealers from around the world and a chance to see the product assembly lines.
As for retirement plans, Michael is taking a rest from over four decades of working at the dealership, spending time with the grandchildren and enjoying his lifetime connection with golf.

Tim Yates, Kubota’s business development manager, Groundcare said, “We would like to thank Michael for his service as a partner to Kubota UK. It is not every day that we get to celebrate such achievements, but in some ways, both Michael and Atkins really represent some of the values that customers have come to expect from Kubota.

“We wish Michael a happy retirement and many years of good health.”

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