Across Europe and Japan

Kubota has announced the launch of new Innovation Centres across Japan and Europe.

The facilities are intended to encourage the creation of new business ventures, products, and services in the manufacturer's fields of business including agriculture and construction.

In a statement Kubota said they plan to work with external partners to "advance open innovation for proactive engagement with ICT, AI, and other advanced technologies, and accelerate the creation of new business, products, and services".

To date, the manufacturer says they have developed products by responding to the needs of customers mainly through specialised development departments for each of its product lines, such as agricultural machinery and construction machinery.

At the same time, Kubota says, in order to respond to changing customer needs, they need to utilise new technologies such as ICT and AI. These technologies are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, and in order to engage with them in a timely manner it is essential for Kubota to pursue partnerships (open innovation) with venture businesses, companies in other industries, universities, research institutes, and other external partners.

It is for this purpose that the manufacturer is establishing its new Innovation Centres, which will take the lead in planning and proposing new business activities, products, and services that transcend existing boundaries between different product lines.

In order to respond to regional needs, these Innovation Centres will be established in both Japan and Europe. The company say they will also consider establishing centres in other regions in the future.

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