New unveiling and charity fundraising

Dealers Hayes Machinery of South Molton, Devon have announced they are holding a live launch on their YouTube channel next week, for a completely new product category - and will be raising funds for CALM in the process.

Owner James Hayes (who is pictured above with his fellow YouTube presenters Ryan Lewis, operations director, left and Josh Smith, sales director, right) says they will be keeping the exact nature of the new products under wraps until next Thursday, July 15 at 6.30pm - but that they will be appropriate for their customers both old and new - as well as other dealers.

James told Service Dealer this week, "We've chosen to hold the launch on YouTube partly due to restrictions still in place, but mostly because we have been placing great emphasis on building up our YouTube channel and following over the past year. We are delighted that we've gained 2,200 followers from a standing start in 12 months - and we're looking to keep building on that momentum. We think it's a superb way to market our dealership.

"We have a great community who follow all our videos and so to launch our new product category live online will hopefully raise our profile further.

"Also we are very keen to use the platform to not only promote our new venture but at the same time we will be able to raise funds for CALM - the Campaign Against Living Miserably. This charity works tirelessly to help in the battle against male suicide."

James says that during the live launch, attendees will be able to interact and chat with the presenters and other attendees. It's this chat facility which will allow cash to be raised as users can pay via the Superchat function to have their comment or question posted at the top of the page.

James hopes many of their regular viewers will be tempted to log in and join the chat - and he's even lined-up some major YouTubers with hefty followings, to come along too - including the well-known Steve's Small Engine Saloon.

"I also think that dealers around the UK might be interested in dropping by," says James, "as they could see how we're using YouTube to market ourselves and perhaps might find some inspiration in how it could work for their business too."

To watch the live launch next week, you can subscribe to Hayes Machinery's YouTube channel and turn on the notifications bell to get alterted when they go live. James says they will also send a reminder email shortly before the event to anyone signed up to their website newsletter.

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