Urging users to "go green"

Battery-powered outdoor machinery manufacturer Ego, are calling for a change to make battery-powered equipment the preferred choice over tools that "emit noxious fumes and damaging noise pollution" by 2025.

The company has launched a manifesto which they say "highlights the dangers of petrol gardening equipment".

Pitting petrol against battery-powered tools, the company say their Challenge 2025 manifesto tackles the issues head-on in a bid to educate users to move away from petrol. They also say they are "issuing a rallying cry for like-minded organisations" to join them and bring the issue in front of parliament.

Steve Roskell, Marketing Director EMEA at EGO said, “There’s a baffling irony in the fact that the majority of the tools created to beautify our gardens are actually destroying our environment. Air pollution, noise pollution and sustainability are all clearly huge issues in today’s society. People are waking up to the dangers posed by petrol-guzzling cars. Yet, when it comes to gardening and landscaping equipment, the momentum for change simply doesn’t seem to be gathering pace in the same way. Petrol tools are known for being incredibly noisy, worryingly dirty and downright dangerous to our health – we’re keen to educate users that there is a viable, strong, powerful and cheaper long-term alternative.”

Steve continued, “Cities up and down the country are making moves to reduce and discourage car usage. Yet while councils are doing their utmost to hit new emissions targets and car manufacturers are evolving to help meet the demand for eco-friendly alternatives, the nation is busy pumping pollutants into our green spaces.

"Research suggests that operating a commercial leaf-blower for one hour emits as much smog-forming pollution as driving a 2.5-litre passenger car around 1100 miles! Something has to change - and we’re happy to lead that change by urging like-minded businesses to join us in our quest.”

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