Chinese manufacturer reported to setting up factory in France

It has been widely reported that a new tractor brand, MANCEL, is due to be unveiled at next month’s SIMA show in Paris, France.

MANCEL is apparently owned by Chinese manufacturer YTO and the tractors will apparently be built in France. According to a French magazine, the brand-name was first spotted publicly upon the release of the show’s official list of exhibitors.

YTO has recently announced that it will be ceasing production of existing transmissions and gearboxes at its facility in Saint-Dizier, France. The suggestion is that the factory is being prepared to build whole tractors, a “four-model tractor line-up from 110 to 145hp” according to sources.

The Saint-Dizier factory established by International Harvester (IH) in the 1950s when its entire tractor range were built there with a +5000 work-force The facility came under the Case IH banner in the 1980s, following the fusion of Case and IH, and was later to become part of the CNH group. In 2001, ownership of the factory passed to Argo Tractors (and specifically the McCormick tractor brand).

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