New warehouse and office suite for early 2020

Agricultural components supplier Kramp UK has announced a significant investment in the UK which will see them move to a new warehouse and office suite in early 2020.

Above is a concept image showing the style of the new building.

Des Boyd, sales director UK and Ireland, said of the investment, “We’ve seen significant growth in the agricultural spare parts and accessories market over the last number of years and we’ve reached a point where we feel this investment is absolutely necessary to meet the needs of our valued customers.

"We’re acutely aware that many businesses in the present political and economic climate feel unsure about their growth potential and are looking at alternative markets. Kramp Groep, however, has seen markets in the UK and Ireland go from strength to strength.

"With the increased collaboration between manufacturers and Kramp Groep the future holds many exciting opportunities in the UK and Ireland.”

Located just a short distance from the existing facility, the new 14,000sq metre warehouse will be three times the size of Kramp UK’s current warehouse, with the capacity to store twice the number of items by stocking a broader range of relevant parts and accessories in higher quantities. The company says this will allow an improved service and faster delivery to their customers in the agricultural, forest and grasscare, OEM and construction markets.

Construction on the new building will start in Summer 2019, with the new site allowing room for further future expansion.

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