Not just those who carry AriensCo brands

AriensCo say the success of previous Sales Skills events will see them repeating the events this November and December 2018 with training for all garden machinery dealers, not just those who carry AriensCo brands.  What’s more, say AriensCo, all the courses are kept free of charge for the dealer.

There will be five training events, three Level 1 sessions on 27th and 28th November at Countax House, Oxfordshire and 11th December at Ripley Castle, North Yorkshire and two Level 2 sessions on 29th November at Countax House and 12th December at Ripley Castle.

Sales Skills will be presented by Matt Wilson, UK sales manager, John Horn, who has run previous Sales Skills events and Jef O’Riley, marketing manager EMEA & Asia.

The company says the free training courses provide dealer principals, sales managers and those new to the industry with practical advice for promoting their business and attracting customers into their showrooms.

Sales Skills Level 1 focuses on developing product knowledge and creating the right conditions for selling and selling techniques. The aim is to help dealers in forging long-lasting relationships with customers. With the emphasis on highlighting the added value they provide, dealers can learn how to engage with customers and address their needs effectively, without relying on the ‘hard sell.’ This helps to differentiate them and the dealership from the competition. The events offer the opportunity for dealers to share ideas on how to improve the customer experience in the showroom, addressing areas such as access to the dealership, customer facilities and product displays. They will also learn how to deliver an effective product demonstration to customers, both pre and post purchase, through presenting the benefits of products according to customer needs.

Sales Skills Level 2 provides dealers with the tools required to promote their business and engage with potential customers in their local area. The focus is on sales and marketing practices, providing dealers with practical advice for attracting customers into their showrooms. The sessions will cover marketing communication theory and practices, such as targeting, segmentation and positioning, together with developing an effective marketing strategy and campaigns. Here the dealers can find out how to have a bigger impact when talking to customers and discover practical ideas for building their own brand. Here too they will learn how digital marketing can bring in new customers.

AriensCo say spaces are filling fast. Dealers wanting to attend can join in by clicking on the relevant Sales Skills registration page to attend:

Sales Skill 1


Sales Skills 2

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