Dealers invited to join

BAGMA, in conjunction with the Landbased Education and Training Committee, LE-TEC, are inviting dealers who have an involvement with apprentices to join an upcoming video-link meeting to review the current apprentice programmes for land-based engineering.

BAGMA say the meeting will include a review of where we are now, why we need to update schemes, and will discuss how dealers see the future of apprenticeships.
They say a similar meeting has been held with manufacturers and suppliers to determine their views and needs. BAGMA say the dealer network now needs to discuss its requirements to determine the future of apprenticeships.
The meeting will be conducted by the chairman and the independent consultant who are working with an industry working group sponsored by the LE-TEC partners, of which BAGMA is one.
Keith Christian director of BAGMA said, "The meeting will cover topics such as employers' expectations of the apprenticeship programme; the value of an apprentice to the business; detailed discussion on the apprenticeship compilation; and content and the assessment process of an apprentice. It’s your meeting and the opportunity to air any views that you may have on apprenticeships.
"It is not intended to provide an agenda but the meeting will be guided in such a way as to allow for open and varying discussion to establish what dealers require from an apprenticeship. The outcome of the meeting will then be put to the industry working group that is reviewing the current apprenticeships. It will also be added to the outcome of the meeting of manufacturers and suppliers."
BAGMA says the meeting will be conducted using either a Zoom or Microsoft Teams video link and invitations will be sent to those who express an interest in joining. Those taking part will not be asked to do anything other than express their views during the meeting. There will be a Q&A at the end of the session.

They say it would be an advantage to study the present apprenticeship standards which can be found by following the following links:

If you are interested in attending the meeting, email  confirming the email address you wish to use for the session. You will be contacted at a later date with more details and then sent a meeting invitation. Keith can also be contacted on 07823 416849.

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