Promoting signed up dealers

Today sees the start of two regional radio test campaigns to promote the dealers who have signed up to the Garden Trader site.

The two and three week test campaigns consist of 20 and 10 second spot lengths and will take place in the West Midlands through Sunshine Radio and in North West Yorkshire through Stray FM.

Last month Garden Trader owner, Duncan Murray-Clarke announced that all revenue received will be reinvested into the site and used for promoting the dealers.

Duncan commented, “Current site traffic levels are hitting 50,000 impressions per month mainly through PPC, social media boosting and organic growth. We wanted to test radio as we know that this can be an effective medium for promoting dealers. The two regions chosen have a fair demographic as well as a good population of Garden Trader listed dealers. What’s more the ads that are running are no nonsense and straight to the point about using a skilled dealer for a product purchase or service.”


Listen to the ad by clicking below:



Garden Trader now has 185 subscribed dealers nationally with more joining every week. Duncan added, “Garden Trader is there to promote our skilled dealer base in the UK and we have more announcements to make in the coming weeks which will clearly demonstrate our commitment to the dealers who have subscribed.”

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