Acorn Tractors based in Derbyshire

BLEC, under the stewardship of Charterhouse Turf Machinery, announced their first new dealer appointment at BTME this week.


L-R: Dan from Acorn Tractors, Richard Lucas of Charterhouse and Julian Simpson, owner Acorn Tractors

Manager of the BLEC division, Curtis Allen said the wide variety of applications BLEC machines can satisfy requires a new network of dealers, and there has been a great deal of interest – the one criteria the company is demanding of new dealers being "a name renowned for quality and service".

Curtis said they would be appointing more Blec dealers based on merit and that they would not necessarily be existing Charterhouse dealers.

The first announced appointment is Acorn Tractors who are based in Derbyshire and stock tractors, mowers and other turfcare equipment from a range of established industry manufacturers.

Acorn Tractors owner Julian Simpson said, “We are delighted to have been appointed as BLEC dealers for the Central UK region. We have been involved with BLEC products for many years, both from using the machinery on contracting projects to selling as well.

"We look forward to offering BLEC machines for purchase or hire to new and existing customers.”

Curtis Allen also announced at BTME that in line with demand, the BLEC range has been rationalised to a number of core machines which sit happily alongside, as well as expanding, the current offering from Charterhouse in the UK. He also said, "Additionally, each of the models in the new BLEC portfolio have been refined and further developed thanks to Redexim’s manufacturing techniques to ensure maximum suitability and efficiency for the market."


BLEC's newly redesigned Turfmaker

One such example of product development is the Turfmaker which has now been updated to include a new seed control rate system, new seed feed mechanism and weight ballast kits, all alongside a new look.

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