Emphasises the human experience

The Garden Trader website, which puts the specialist dealer in front of consumers at the point of purchase, has gone live with a fresh, modern re-design.

Utilising video footage of real dealers, the site drives home Garden Trader's philosophy of 'the right tool, for the right job, from the right place', to make sure buyers use their local dealer rather than buying boxes from mass retailers or off the internet.

Garden Trader owner Duncan Murray-Clarke, who also owns Service Dealer, said, "Following a successful launch in 2017, this year we have seen just under 200 dealers around the UK subscribe to Garden Trader. Heading into year 3 we are really excited to launch the next phase of the site, which is all about educating the end-user regarding the benefits of purchasing from their local specialist.

"With the redesign we have emphasised the human experience which buying from a dealer affords, via the use of video backgrounds of actual dealers. We have also simplified the site for the user, offering an enhanced experience. We will be rolling out added site functionality to dealers in 2019.

"The key to Garden Trader is that it is not simply a means to spread the word about the services specialist dealers provide - rather it actually captures buying consumers at their point of making a purchasing decision by using search engine key words. This applies to both machinery purchases as well as servicing requirements." 

Duncan continued, "One aspect that has very much aided Garden Traderduring its initial stages is both the commercial support it has enjoyed from our sponsoring manufacturers as well as dealers subscribing to the service. I'm very proud to say that we have fulfilled our promise of ploughing every penny generated from the site back into its marketing and improving its functionality.

"And I am pleased to once again promise that all revenues received from subscriptions and site advertising will go straight back into guaranteeing the site’s visibility and attracting active customers in 2019.

"We now have a momentum of dealers behind us and with this new design, are better placed than ever to promote and champion the incredible work being achieved by servicing dealers across the UK." 

It is easy to subscribe. The fee next year is £96 plus VAT - which equates to just £1.84 per week. If you are a subscribed dealer already then don’t forget to login and renew for 2019.

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