At two European trade shows

A new cordless line trimmer from EGO has won two awards for innovation at European trade exhibitions.

The technology was awarded with GaLaBau’s Innovation Medal in Nuremberg, and a Technology Innovation Award at Bologne’s EIMA exhibition.

Pictured above are Jürgen Hoppe from the BGL Evaluation Committee and BGL Vice President Gerald Jungjohann handing over the GaLaBau Innovation Medal to EGO managing director Peter Melrose and EGO sales manager Axel Stemmer

The company received the accolades for its ST1510E - Power+ Line Trimmer featuring Powerload technology; described as the industry’s first line trimmer tool with a fully automatic line re-loading system.

Entering the European market in 2019, Powerload removes the need for the process of loading new line.

To load, users simply insert the trimmer line through the head of the tool. After a push on its green activation button, the automatic re-loading system then winds the line onto the spool in less than five seconds.

After beating 105 entries for the Innovation Medal award, The Federal Association of Garden, Landscape and Sports Facilities presented EGO with the Innovation Medal at GaLaBau.

Similarly, the technology will be recognised in November at EIMA as winner of its Technology Innovation Contest. 

Vince Brauns, European product manager at EGO, said, “Since the line trimmer was invented in the 1970s, gardeners, landscapers and consumers have all been continuously plagued by the difficult task of re-loading new line.

“Our Powerload technology truly is a first of its kind and will finally put an end to these frustrations. We are delighted to have won the GaLaBau Innovation Medal and EIMA Technology Innovation contest and will continue to develop our cordless outdoor power products and make the lives of our customers easier and easier.”

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